Welcome to CKWA!


On August 12th, sunshine comes before the anticipated storm. Similarly, new families come to our school with full energy and vigour.


Due to the epidemic, we have held six rounds of small orientation programs for Kaiwen new families. we prepared this student orientation event with special care and effort. We are committed to make sure every family can complete the enrollment procedures with more comfort, less time, and more communication.

Though it seems to be a mini ceremony, but the essence of it is the emerging of sense of collectivity, and the original intention of educators. This is a sense of belongings to Kaiwen community.


No matter to meet with the leadership team of the school, or to get registered uniforms, we will be able to come closer to each other with further understanding.



To ensure the solemnity and extraordinary and of the event, teachers have made elaborate arrangement for the event:

Gray and yellow flags wave in Ginkgo Avenue, symbolizing the stand of our pride.

Yellow balloons are hanging on the top of the Art Centre, symbolizing the warmth of our school culture.

Every bunch of the gray and yellow flowers defines the achievement of Kaiwen Academy.

Every move of development requires our joint effort and companion. Every person has written down their promises on display boards when they come to the campus as follows: ‘I will be with Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy to pursue for excellence and become a better self.’


The Executive Leadership Team will meet with every and each family. This is the first procedure of the registration day. Several parents might have listened to the educational speech delivered by Principal Xu before they joined Kaiwen Academy.


However, their identity has changed to participants today. They are officially involve to our home-school communication, listen to talks to learn about student management, school activities, curriculum selecting platforms, and the upcoming arrangement of the academic year so as to make full preparations for future study.


After listening to the sharing of the principals, the parents moved to the hall of the Art Center to begin their freshmen registration officially.


Each family receives its own campus card in a one-stop manner here, registered their own dinning needs, submitted the certification materials of student status, ordered a well-fitting school uniform suit.


With the completion of the admission process and the submission of materials.

Congratulations on officially being part of the CKWA community!



After completing the enrollment process, some of the new families were interviewed by the school. Parents and children were excited to share their reasons for joining CKWA, their expectations for their children, and the little things that touched them in the process of school selection.


As for the future growth of their children, the parents have a surprisingly unified goal. They all expect that their children will gradually mature in CKWA, be happy of learning, live up to their full potential and grow into a child full of responsibility.



Time together is always short, we can not keep time, but can make time meaningful. It is because of you that this school is more vibrant.


CKWA is committed to accepting every child and supporting them to realize their potential and become better themselves. Being a member of CKWA also means that children here should not only learn knowledge and enter the university of their choice, but also become sympathetic and responsible citizens of society.


We are looking forward to seeing the children in Kaiwen’s school uniform again in September.

We believe that with the spirit of Demoiselle crane, children will fly higher and farther in the wider world under the cultivation of CKWA.