Scholarship and Grant Programs–New Year Gifts from Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy


As Goethe once put it, independence is the basic characteristic of genius.

Do you wish to shake off dependence and achieve independence?

If so, you with an independent spirit are lucky to receive a New Year gift from Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy.

We expect you who are gifted to show courage and pursue it bravely.

We support you who are strong-minded to hold your own destiny in your hands.


Every effort deserves to be praised and every excellent quality to be acknowledged. Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy has released Yinghe Scholarship Program and Yinghe Student Grant Program committed to encouraging our students to pursue excellence and achieve independence and to attracting more outstanding students who share our vision to join our school.

Yinghe Scholarship Program and Yinghe Student Grant Program are programs offered by Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy to students of Grades 9-11 currently enrolled and to be enrolled in 2019. Both scholarships and grants will be awarded in three classes after a review process.


Yinghe Scholarship Program for Students of Grades 9-11 in 2019

Top-class Scholarship: free tuition;

First-class Scholarship: tuition 50% off;

Second-class Scholarship: tuition 30% off;


Yinghe Student Grant Program for Students of Grades 9-11 in 2019


Top-class Grant: free tuition;

First-class Grant: tuition 50% off;

Second-class Grant: tuition 30% off;

Tuition exemption or discount will be offered alongside exemption of one year’s accommodation fee for double-room dorm.



  1. Targeted students: students of Grades 9-11 newly enrolled at Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy in 2019
  2. Qualification criteria: Please see the rules formulated by the Admission Office of Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy for detailed information. If you plan to apply, send your CV to
  3. Way of awarding: Tuition exemption or discount will be granted in the year in question according to the class of scholarship or grant.
  4. Students who apply for Yinghe Student Grant Program should supply their parents’ income statement besides regular application documents.
  5. Please follow our updates on other forthcoming scholarship programs targeting enrolled students for special merits, such as Kaiwen Sports Demoiselle Crane Championship Scholarship and Elites Scholarship.

Advance Notice on Great Campus Open Day

March 23, 2019



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