Meet The Better You|Character Education in Kaiwen






At the beginning of the term, all students returned to school with anticipation. The principal, Mr. Martin George, expressed his wishes to kids at the opening ceremony and put forward ten expectations for character education in the new term.


  Martin George  | Principal


Try your hardest in everything you do 


Do not be afraid to make mistakes 


Always think of others before yourself 


Always say hello and be kind to people 


Try new things 


Do not be afraid to ask questions 


Do not drop litter 


Drink plenty of water 


Be kind to animals 


Enjoy what you do 


The principal expected all kids to not only be solidly strong in studying, but also be happy, confident, healthy, caring for others and having empathy, tenacity, ability of self-reflection, cultural awareness, creativity as well as high emotional intelligence.





The school has paid attention to providing students with rich opportunities in and out of class, and insisted on cultivating students’ characters, knowledge as well as the sense of responsibility in practice. Character education carried out in the school is, instead of an abstract dogma, infiltrated into daily education and teaching quietly and pervasively.

In the next few weeks, school teachers led the kids to carry out a series of creative and unique character education practices – Student Challenge. All kids opened their minds and made full use of their creativity to produce a variety of works and personally expressed their understandings & interpretation of the principal’s wishes.




Collective works made by K-class kids




Hand-drawing puzzle made by G5




Each playing card illustrates the essence of one kind of quality





The 2nd graders made a photo collection, using cameras to record and capture their daily school life,

who grew up in bits and pieces.





The 4th graders made a hand-drawing collection, with one painting created for one classmate and all paintings of the whole class compiled into a collection. Kids tried to think deeply and philosophically.



Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because only in this way can you achieve faster progress in learning





Character education is an important part of a kid’s life-long education. More than verbal instruction, character cognition is imparted through behaviors. Factors crucial to a kid’s character formation include the infiltration of campus culture, guidance of daily education, words & deeds of teachers, mutual influences of schoolmates, and nourishment of family environment. We believe that students of the Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy will gradually internalize these beautiful qualities through such vivid creative practices.

We look forward to students’ gaining of better personalities by dint of the character’s positive energy! Use the power of character to shape your future!


“Student Challenge” Video :