Kaiwen Philosophy | Let children become better selves in Spring Festival Celebration




A deep-rooted flower will soon or later bloom.


The origin of the celebration:

To be a school deeply rooted in China, yet building an international education which prepares pupils for a global future

Only when children are full of confidence as Chinese can they stand out in global arena. Only when they fully understand Chinese culture can they better participate in international affairs and voice for China.

Therefore, Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy decides to hold a spring festival event to celebrate Chinese New Year, hoping children to feel and spread Chinese culture, inherit the craftsmanship and be proud of being Chinese.


Performance Design Philosophy:

Every performance, no matter it is primary or secondary, has been carefully planned and designed. Focusing on the topic of “home”, “reunion” “courage” and “growth”, students and teaches combine what they have learnt in this semester and show parents the traditional China, developing China and future China. They create a joyful and peaceful atmosphere and present to Kaiwen community an unique feast for ears and eyes.


Under the guidance of Principal Xu, all departments start to launch the project from November. Everything is going on orderly, from the repertoire, rehearsal, stage set-up to invitation of the dragon and lion dance team…Till now, everything is for the purpose of presenting the best performance.



Kindergarten and Grade 1   8:30-10:30

KA   Group Singing and dance: Filial Piety

1A     Wushu: Disciples Regulations

1C     Chorus: ABC of Sound Meters in Chinese Poetry

1D     Chant: Sugar Coated Fruit on A Stick

1E     Group Performance: The Twenty-Four Solar Terms

KB   Group Singing and dance: Spring Is Coming

1B   Chorus: The Young Youth

KC     Group performance: Children of the earth


Grade 2 to Grade 5   10:00-11:30


3A   Group singing and dance: Legend of the dragon

2D   Drama Show: Story of New Year’s Eve

5B     Variety show: Eighteen rats celebrating the New Year (Chorus, Beijing Opera, and the sand painting)

2A     Drama Show: Suhe’s White Horse

2C     We are Family Chorus: Chengdu & We are Family

2E     Poetry Recitation: Go Home for The New Year

CSL   Group singing: ABC of Sound Meters in Chinese Poetry

2B     Drama Show: Nezha

3C     Martial Arts & Dance: Chinese Kungfu

4A&4B Group singing and dance: When I was A Child & Courage Is the Great

5A       Drama Show: Spring in CKWA Chorus: I’m Alive

5C     Kungfu: The Chinese Youth

3B     Bilingual chorus: A Whole New World

(The repertoire is in the order of the performance.)


Secondary school   13:20-14:20

Performance A: Classic Songs handed down from the past

Performance B: Chorus transcending thousands of years

Performance C: Forever Chinese Heart


Spring Festival

The most important festival in a year

CKWA students

Pay tribute to her in their own way

Pay tribute to her 5000 year of history

Pay tribute to her soaring up development of 21st Century

Pay tribute to China, a country going from strength to strength


All love and education

is to make this spring bloom with beautiful flowers


We sincerely invite you to the spring festival celebration at CKWA to enjoy a spectacular show.