Education for Different Learning Stages

Teaching and learning guides teachers, students and their families towards cultural understanding. Kaiwen aims to ground students in the essence of national culture, while drawing on diverse world cultures to build intercultural understanding and deepen learning. We use different developmentally appropriate teaching strategies for the elementary, middle, and high school stages to comprehensively develop compassionate thinking skills and language competency in at least two languages.


Encourages students to build self-confidence and to explore, discover, and learn about the world around them.

Primary School

Balancing language education and thinking training to become communicators.

Middle School

Comprehensively developing both knowledge and ability to become users.

High School

Promoting sustainable, personalized development to become thinkers.

Rigorous Curriculum under IB Philosophy

Combining with the national standard curriculum, the rigorous CKWA curriculum ensures solid subject knowledge and emphasizes the cultivation of learning abilities and ways of thinking.

Interdisciplinary, collaborative, project-based teaching
Maximizing strengths, bolstering weaknesses, and respecting personal development
Diverse evaluation methods emphasizing both process and results

Warm and Exquisite Boarding Culture

A boarding school life with a range of extracurricular sporting and artistic activities that cultivate students' independent thinking and team spirit. By providing students with full days, Monday through Friday, of classroom and life skills education, Kaiwen serves as another home of students.

● Human-Based Management – Students Are Cared for 24 Hours a Day
● Rich Extracurricular Activities – Knowing and Doing Are One, Combining Education with Recreation
● A Warm Boarding School Atmosphere – Fill Your Heart with self awareness and care for others

Rich Arts and Sports Education

The campus features a tournament-level professional sports venue, unique arts classrooms, well-equipped science labs and a grand 800 seat theater. There are also colorful arts and sports courses and a variety of free extracurricular clubs available to students. All these activities cultivate students' spirit, promoting physical fitness, training their minds and bodies, and building outstanding character.

Independent Arts Center- Listen to the World and Appreciate Nature with the Arts
Standard Competition Ice Hockey Rink - Perceive the World through Movement
50-Meter 8-Lane Swimming Pool - Search for Self in Competition