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On September 9, Kaiwen Ice Hockey Club participated in the 2018NHL Stanley Cup China Tour event held at the Beijing Olympic Ice Sports Center. NHL officials, vice president of Hockey Hall of Fame, NHL ice hockey star were present at the event. Only four clubs were invited to attend this event, and Kaiwen club was one of them.


NHL(National Hockey League北美冰球联盟)

NHL is currently the highest level professional ice hockey competition in the world. It consists of the North American ice hockey team, and is known as the one of the four major professional sports leagues with NBA, MLB, and NFL.

斯坦利杯(Stanley Cup)

Founded in 1893, Stanley Cup is the highest award in the North American Ice Hockey League. It is awarded to the champion team after each season. The name of the champion is engraved on the cup. The Stanley Cup has a height of 89.54 centimeters high and weighs 15.5 kilograms. It has a history of 100 years and is the most famous trophy in the professional sports. It is known as the “king of the cup”.




The event was hosted by the NHL to warm up the 2018 NHL China competition, motivate Chinese ice hockey enthusiasts and promote the development of ice hockey in China.

34 Kaiwen hockey players from class K to 5th grade played with Alex Tanguay, the former Calgary Flames player who won the 2001 Stanley Cup, and then witnessed the NHL Champions Cup – Stanley Cup Debut in China!

Compete with the player of NHL champion



Getting hands-on ice coaching from NHL champions is a rare opportunity even for a Chinese professional hockey player. young players from Kaiwen were very excited, learning skills from the big shot, and enjoying the fun of pure North American ice hockey.


Kaiwen Yellow vs. Kaiwen Black



Alex Tanguay Tanguay is best known for his speed and passing ability to set his teammates up for scoring opportunities. Calgary teammates Olli Jokinen and Jarome Iginla both praised his ability to find a way to pass the puck to them in difficult plays. In addition to shooting skills, He is also a top player in the shootout, hit rate and other data have led the league.

The young ice hockey players from Kaiwen experienced the superb skills and tenacious sportsmanship of the champion players. They realized the importance of teamwork in the competition and enhanced the confidence and love for the ice hockey. They will make greater efforts in the future study and training.


  • Stanley Cup Makes Debuthe NHL Stanley Cup has more than 126 years of history, engraved with the names of champions, and Alex Tanguay, who played together with Kaiwen’s ice hockey team, is also on the name list. The trophy has traveled to 27 countries around the world, but it is the first time to China.Regarding the significance of the Stanley Cup global tour coming to China for the first time, Phil Pritchard, the head of the four guarded gods of the trophy that attended the event, said: “After travelling 27 countries. We came to China. We are very concerned about the development of ice hockey in China and the ice hockey training of young people. The Stanley Cup come to China to give incentives to the young people who love ice hockey, maybe they will be the ones who win the championship and carry the trophy in the future.”The students of Kaiwen are lucky to be the Chinese fans to contact the Stanley Cup. This historical moment will be included in the ice hockey history.


Coach and the students of Kaiwen with the Stanley cup


  • Highlights





Physical education is one of the important characteristic education of Chaoyang Kaiwen. It aims to enable students to have a strong body, to cultivate a strong will, a correct concept of winning and losing, teamwork spirit, self-confidence and courage through sports activities. The school has an independent ice hockey stadium, football field, basketball court, tennis court, track and field stadium, standard swimming pool and other international competition-level sports venues. It provides a wide range of physical education courses such as skating, ice hockey, football, tennis, baseball, physical fitness and fencing for students of different ages, and an international communication platform.

Kaiwen Ice Hockey Club adheres to the concept of North American ice hockey, not only respects the international ice hockey standard education, but also respects the Chinese children’s physical development characteristics. Based on the principle of cultivating the “love” of the ice hockey, laying solid foundation, with the aim of returning to the original ice hockey, building a awareness of teamwork and collaboration, we will gradually help our children reach the hockey level of their peers in North America.

Kaiwen is willing to contribute to the development of youth hockey in China.

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