Benevolence Begins With Action | Kaiwen Charity Fair






On September 25, 2018, the charity fair, which was prepared and planned by the school marketing department,

the PTA, the teachers and students of all classes, began as scheduled.

The event was conducted in booth sales, including old toys, books, games, performance art, food and so on.

We stopped in our busy life for a moment, talked with children,

and encouraged these little stars from the blind children orphanage of Bethel China.



Benevolence and the highest ethic never is the patent of “Confucianism”.

On the streets of the UK, charity happens everywhere.

The second-hand charity store in the streets and lanes not only provides a platform for donors to give charity,

but also meets the needs of ordinary people to buy low-priced goods.

“Money is just a kind of tool used to buy what is needed, it’s only a matter of effort to help others,

so it is really not worth mentioning”

As an IB school, we put forward “Noble Spirit”, which is a personal character of self-control,

dedicating, having overall situation in mind.

“Noble” is kind of spirit. It is a gentleman’s character that needs to be patiently cultivated.











Family and school are united together in this charity fair. Everyone participated in the school event, they collected firewood and ignited the fire of “love.” This is a good start for “event history” of Kaiwen. With the growth of the school, the team of organizers and number of participants will grow stronger and larger, there will be more such events, with more higher quality and interest. I hope more parents will participate in the school events and participate in the growth of the children.

My view of Charity is that giving money is easy, but it is not easy to giving time and service. Instead of just donating money, we organized a charity fair. Children would have a deeper understanding of love and mutual help through contributing their time and action.

The greatness of the country and the greatness of the nation are the greatness of the people who call their country hometown. Their values, pride, love, dedication and character, all national qualities constitute the citizen. Kaiwen’s little demoiselle need to build a sense of civic responsibility, a sense of national mission, and a sense of national honor.






The word “charity” appears so often that we tend to see only the appearance,

and label it as “the things that rich people do.

” It is easy to be hypocritical when it comes to appearance;

donation has nothing to do with “how much money”, it only relates to “from the heart.”

We “cultivate” love through the charity fair. “Love” has been rooted in the hearts of children by this event.

People sing, you applaud, this is benevolence.

There is a little girl on the road, you give her a smile, which is also called benevolence .









Behind this harvest charity,

It was the time and effort that

the parents spent and paid,

who hold the education principle of

“Three Moves by Mencius’ Mother” and “Set an example”






There is no need for children to do things at home, but we don’t want our children to lose their ability to give and care for others because they are well provided for. They should understand that they can help more people as grows and learns more.

The children in the city are very happy and lucky, the care of family and teachers is the whole world in their eyes. We hope that children can walk out of their “ivory tower” and see another different world. While giving help to others, they can cherish their present life more.





Bethel China


Love is Blind

Bethel China (hereinafter referred to as “Bethel”) is a non-profit organization founded by a French couple and officially established in 2003.
Bethel helps orphans aged 0-12 with eye diseases. All children are from formal orphanages across the country.
Bethel provides these children with a warm home with life care, medical rehabilitation and special education to help them explore their potential and expand their lives.



The donation amount raised by this charity sale is far higher than expectations. The twenty thousand yuan donation will be used in whole for the purchase of the materials that Bethel children need.

The donation counting and the material procurement will be completed by the representatives of the PTA and the school.

Booth donation list



Individual donation list





We hope that every student can experience and learn more through participating in such extracurricular event as “Charity Fair ”, and reflect: what have you gained from the event? what kind of thinking have you elicited ? What kind of help will it bring for your growth?

Extracurricular events are not only an important part of the application of overseas universities in the future, but also a channel to show your own characteristics and explore your potential. It is also a process of self-discovery and self-challenge. Only through your own experiences, can you have your own feelings and spiritual sublimation, and can you obtain satisfactory results in overseas university applications.

We look forward to more students standing out from the events, to follow your own inner thoughts, to choose the events you really want to participate in, and to grow into the planners and organizers of the event. Kaiwen pays attention to the growth of each student and will always try best efforts to build a wonderful stage for everyone to cultivate and demonstrate their abilities.



CKWA hopes

to express admiration and thanks by this WeChat article

to the parents who enthusiastically organized and participated in this event.

As principal Martin said

“Evaluating a person

depends on where he spends his time.”

You are qualified, excellent parents.

We are striving to grow into an excellent school.