Warm Spring Festival at Chaoyang Kaiwen



Hello, everyone. We are student reporters from Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy, Cindy and Olivia of the 8th Grade. Now, please follow us to see how the Spring Festival is celebrated at Chaoyang Kaiwen.



On the Spring Festival: What Foreign Teachers Say

When we were preparing this program, we were thinking: We Chinese are all familiar with the Spring Festival, but what impression does it have on our foreign friends? Before the gala, we interviewed several of our foreign teachers:


Lee McLaren (US)

English teacher

As far as I know, during the Spring Festival, you visit your relatives and shoot the breeze. Kids will get red envelopes, or ya-sui-qian. At the Spring Festival gala held by the school, I will learn more about Spring Festival customs.


Lauren Toner (UK)

English teacher

I don’t know much about the Spring Festival, but I feel it is a jovial occasion on which you and your family can go out together on a travel. During this vacation, I will celebrate the Spring Festival with my Chinese friends.


Omar Florez (US)

Drama teacher

I know you will watch the Spring Festival Gala and do certain special things on certain days. For example, you do a spring cleaning and couples visit relatives on both sides. At the school gala, I will sing a Chinese song, Sorry, My Chinese Isn’t Good, on the stage. During the holidays, I will stay in Beijing and celebrate the Spring Festival with other teachers and my family.


Carrol Jones (UK)

Art teacher

The Spring Festival is the most important holiday in China. Almost everyone goes back home. During the holidays, I will go to Paris and meet my brother. I didn’t feel a lot of Spring Festival atmosphere before, but I start to feel it in China. I will do some research on the internet and search for more information on the Spring Festival.


Sharon Kim (US)

G3 headteacher

I know this year the Spring Festival will fall on February 4. On the day, the whole family will gather together and have some dumplings. There are also stories of the Chinese dragon and the monster nian. I am very excited, because everyone can have a good break, go back to their native place and celebrate the holiday with their family.




Facts about the Spring Festival Gala

42 performances

98 students will go on stage

16 parents will sing songs

20 forms of performance

Videos of 3 ancient-costume short plays

8 student hosts



Highlights of the Spring Festival

Now, please follow us to watch the highlights of the gala!