Ten-year Agreement Between Kaiwen Education and Manchester – Opening a New Chapter for Campus Football through Cooperation


Kaiwen Education Group and the Manchester City Football Club signed a ten-year cooperation agreement

on December 18th. After the signing, Kaiwen Education Group will introduce the Manchester teenager training

system, Manchester teenager training camp coaches and overseas training camps to Kaiwen students.

The Kaiwen & Manchester City Football School, which was built by both parties,

is scheduled to open officially in September 2018.



Xu Guangyu, Kaiwen Education Group chairman, expressed that Manchester’s high sports standards as well as its unique culture and sports spirit, is consistent with Kaiwen’s Education educational

philosophy. Kaiwen Education  wants to foster international talent with health fitness and a positive mental attitude through physical education in  order to practice Kaiwen’s idea of “Healthy Mind,

Healthy Body”.



The Kaiwen & Manchester City Football School is the first international school

combining sports and education, characterized by Manchester Football and supported by local famous schools in

China. The initial plan is to enroll one class each of first and second grade in primary school,

with no more than 25students in each class.

The school has prepared a customized football training plan that will be taught by coaches of

Manchester, in order to foster students’ interest under the English training environment,

pass on age-appropriate professional skills.

The cultural courses will adopt the international bilingual course system consistent

with Kaiwen Academy (Haidian).

In addition, the school will arrange for students to study in Manchester for two weeks during

the summer to achieve a truly international perspective of youth education and football specialty training.