Principal’s Weekly Message 2020-8-7

Friday August 7th, 2020

Dear parents,

Hope you and your family are well!
As the epidemics are beginning to go steady, the swimming pool and the ice rink of the school starts to welcome children to do training. I am very pleased to see our children and parents. No words can express my feelings. Let’s looking forward to the reopening of the campus in September!
Many thanks for parents to actively participate in the test work of the learning platform Teams. This week, our homeroom teachers will remind families who haven’t participated to arrange time or do independent test or join our Zoom workshop and do test under the support of our IT staff.

In the new academic year, TEAMS will become the learning progress management platform for CKWA teachers to do academic communication with students. It will include all learning materials, curriculum info, teaching ppt, class assessment, after-class assignment, and will be used for project teamwork among students, and online teaching and learning, etc. TEAMs are not only suitable for routine school day, but also for online learning. It is a publicly recognized and adopted student learning management platform among the international schools.

For this week’s principal letter, we would like to share with you our class grouping culture and principle.

As an international school, every year, we will have new families joining Kaiwen families, and individual families leaving Kaiwen. It is the same with our teachers. There will be excellent and experienced local and international teachers joining our team, as well as teachers who decides to start new career plans at the end of their contracts with CKWA. This kind of changes are learning opportunities for children. In the new class and new arrangement, children can develop their adaptability, one of the their Kaiwen characters. Adaptability is one of the most important soft skills for children in their growth and in the future, as critical as communication skills, collaborative skills and innovative skills.

The curriculum and teaching of the school gets enriched and improved. About class grouping and principle, in June, we have shared with parents the class grouping philosophy and culture,  the practice as well as some details that parents are concerned about through the principal

letters from the school divisions and information session. Recently, as more Kaiwen families confirm to renew their studies at CKWA, to better support parents to understand the class grouping work of the school, we would like to once again invite all parents to participate in the online information session about class grouping culture. It will be held at 10 to 11 am on August 14th, next Thursday. Please scan the QR code in the poster of this event to participate.

In addition, we would like to invite parents to pay special attention to the other important documents regarding class grouping attached with this week’s principal letter.
1. The Introduction to Primary School Grouping Culture and Rationale 2. CKWA Secondary School CEPT Assessment Notice 3. CKWA Secondary School Grouping Instruction

“Education is life. Education is growth. Education is society.” The uncertainty brought by the epidemics makes us make adjustment and changes in our school and life. If we use the philosophy of John Dewey, famous American thinker and educator to explain it all, these are real education. Thank you for fostering and cultivating our children in the classroom of real life with CKWA!

Christine Xu

Executive Principal, CKWA