Principal’s Weekly Message 2020-8-14


August 14th, 2020 Friday

Dear parents,
Hope this letter find you and your family well!


In the past week, we have held six rounds of small orientation programs for Kaiwen new families. While thoroughly considering the safeguarding under the epidemics, this kind of arrangement has provided more detailed and considerate educational service for Kaiwen new families. We have helped each new family to register their personal information, download the learning tools and communication platforms, register and apply for the school bus, school uniform, school meal and boarding house.
On the POLYV info session about class grouping culture and principle held on Thursday, the new secondary principal Lillian Zhao, the primary lower coordinator Susie Xu and I have shared with parents the educational philosophy of class grouping, as well as the strategies and details in the implementation. This is the area we aim to improve this academic year. We aim to promote the class culture of proactive learning under the principle of balance and pay attention to differentiation and individualized growth.
On Thursday, following the announcement of the school opening dates from Beijing education commission, the school has also participated in the communication meeting organized by Chaoyang education commission. We are a K12 international school. After the school opening preparation in May and June, we have gained some experience in the epidemic’s prevention measures and education. Therefore, after taking into account about how to meet the requirements of the education commission and the situation of the school, we will issue the detailed arrangement of school opening dates for various grade levels next week. Please pay attention to the relevant notice.

The preparation work of school opening is a complex yet detailed process, including the confirmation on school bus and meal, the arrangement on class grouping and schedule, the resources preparation for classroom, the assignment for teaching resources…until every teacher gets familiar with the situation of the families and children in his or her class, and start communication with parents.


1. Confirm whether you will return and study at the school next academic year so that we can confirm the class roster and the schedule. If you plan to withdraw from the school, please confirm with the school before August 20th. We gently remind you to do family financial plan well if you would like to continue to study at CKWA. 2. If you confirm that you will renew at our school, please register whether you will use school bus and meal service. 3. If you confirm that you will renew at our school, based on the requirement of the education commission, all returning students should report their travel plan and daily health report starting 14 days before the new semester begins. Based on the school opening dates of the education commission, G2, G3 and G4 students should start recording from August 24th, and all the other grade level students should start recording from August 15th. Please check the attached form and take daily record. Please do remember to bring this form with you on the school report day.
Although the epidemics are under control, the uncertainty still exists. To better ensure the educational and teaching work of the school under the changes, the school will share with you the Kaiwen education and teaching brochure “Join hands to go through the crisis, Help each other in the cause of Education. In the meantime, we will also invite you to participate in the POLYV online info session of the same theme at 10 am Thursday, August 20th.

In this brochure and the info session, you will get to know the following theme and content:
1. The development plan and positive change of 2020-21 2. The introduction of the updated school information platform, learning platform and communication platform 3. The introduction of the improvement in curriculum consolidation, English education and bilingual teaching 4. Emergency plan for online learning if it needs to be restarted 5. The smooth transition between offline learning and online learning 6. The class covering plan for foreign teachers who haven’t returned to Beijing when school opens 7. The introduction of campus protection measures when school opens 8. Family education support led by Beijing University psychological expert Chaoyang Kaiwen Community has been committed to the education of well-being. Well-being is not only about the experience in one’s heart, but also many other detailed elements, such as the sense of security, the sense of purpose, the sense of belongings, the sense of recognition and the sense of accomplishment. These elements are indispensable in the interpretation and cultivation of well-being. We hope that Kaiwen students can return to campus safely and smoothly despite of the current uncertainty, enjoying learning with a sense of purpose, belongings and recognition, being proud of their own growth.



Christine Xu
Executive Principal, CKWA