Principal’s Weekly Message 2020-7-24

Friday, July 24, 2020

Dear parents,

I hope everything goes well with you and your family! With the Beijing epidemic situation getting better, Beijing lowered the emergency response to COVID-19 from Level II to III on July 20. Beijing cinemas were re-opened on July 24! With these active changes, we have been filled with confidence about school opening in September.

In May and June, our school offered some online introduction to 2020-21 education and teaching development with CKWA families. As for the detailed arrangement of education and teaching for 2020-21 that our parents are concerned about, we will offer a detailed introduction to the education and teaching schedule. As stated in our previous letter, with the relegation of the epidemic and the confirmation of students returning to school, we will offer a series of online and offline course communication meetings and workshops in early August to respond to your concerns. Additionally, our teaching team is also working continuously. It is hoped that the teaching optimization and schedule in the new term can maximally achieve the seamless integration of online and offline channels.

Teachers stranded overseas have started to be able to return to Beijing under the permission of the Education Breaue, we will also have a group of new foreign teachers arriving at Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy. They are experienced educators in international schools of Beijing or other cities of China without having to undergo the complicated process of applying for work visas from overseas under the epidemic. When we meet together to discuss challenges and opportunities for education under the epidemic, their enthusiasm and rich teaching experience have deeply influenced me. As a result, I am full of confidence in the new semester of CKWA.

As an important learning method of the Enrichment Program of Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy, experiential learning will be embodied in many outdoor learning projects in the

next term. On September 13 and 14, we will organize an outdoor learning project of Civilization Game for seventh and eighth-grade students. The outdoor learning project aims to build children’s social self-confidence in the process of student cooperation. This will also improve students’ teamwork, leadership, wilderness skills, social skills, and establish their sense of awe to wildlife. The whole process is in an orderly manner including, designing, planning, communication with students and parents and registration. In order to meet students’ demand, we have to applied for extra places from our cooperative partner.

Regarding our class grouping and the differentiated English teaching, as well as the language learning based on targets, we have already offered a course introduction and Q&A in June, but many parents have also expected more information in detail. Now, our teaching team is polishing the content and will share the information in the weekly message principal letter soon.

Recently, over 100 new joint families have also received our summer holiday learning suggestions. The Chinese and English readings suggestions are particularly popular. Here, we would like to share some golden rules with you on language learning and we hope this summer holiday can become the golden season for children to improve reading:

– Pay attention to mother tongue reading because as one’s ability to use mother tongue improves, second language acquisition will also develop correspondingly;

– Reading is not just required for language learning but also the study of other discipline;
– The study and memory of vocabularies is a process and it requires the formation of daily learning habits and strategies in line with memory rules;
– Respect the means and process of children’s second-language output from daily oral English to topic discussion, from imitation to recitation, and from words and sentences to the expression of a whole paragraph. We should always encourage the tiny bit of progress made by children because language output comes from the decision of individuals and the level of self-confidence in expression;
– The academic reading in the English of middle school students should be incorporated into the daily reading habits of students; students should spend some time in reading English textbooks of various disciplines, cultivate understanding, and positively memorize terminologies of each specific discipline.

Finally, I would like to share the view of the educationalist Dewey: “Education is not a preparation for life but is life itself.” When our parents try to plan and schedule children’s holiday, please explore and enjoy the nature of life, which is also an important education process.

Christine Xu
CKWA Executive Principa