Principal’s Weekly Message 2020-7-17

Friday, July 17 Friday

Dear parents,

Thank you and your children for actively participating in the school’s optional online summer consolidation school course in the past two weeks. The high proportion of student attendance makes us deeply appreciated the support of all CKWA families for our summer online courses. This week is the first week of summer vacation. Although the covid-19 epidemic continues, we hope that students and you can both enjoy the wonderful and peaceful holiday, which you can enjoy reading, sports and hobbits together.

In order to enhance the cohesion of CKWA’s community under the covid-19 epidemic situation, the school’s management team decided to continue our weekly school-family communication letter. This will also build up communication and understanding between the school and our family, which will also help us deal with the uncertainty under the epidemic situation more predictably. At the same time, the school management team also has weekly communication meetings with teachers and administrative staff to share important information and possible changes.

Last weekend, we received an exciting news from the Education Bureau regarding the return of overseas teachers back to Beijing. At the same time, the application for new teacher’s working visa is also in progress. We believe that by keeping tight prevention and control measures, the epidemic situation will keep getting better and all foreign teachers will gradually be able to return to school.         We would like to thank all CKWA families for their joint efforts with us together to continue supporting student’s education. The school will have 100% refund of student’s school bus, accommodation and meal fees, as well as different proportions of tuition fees by different grade level. Moreover, the board also made another positive decision to reduce the 2600 RMB textbook fee to the families who continue to stay in CKWA in the 2020-21 academic year. Today, each CKWA family will receive their own tuition bills, which will show the reduction of service fee, tuition fee for this school year, and also the reduction of textbook fee of the new academic year.

Under the epidemic situation, in order to support our CKWA families, the school is cooperating with the Bank of China to provide financial instalment plan to support these families in need. Please consult our finance department for more details 83028204.

Although it is the summer holiday, our management and administrative team are working hard to sort out plans for new school year and optimize better design of online courses. Once online learning happens again, we will be more prepared to support students and families for better online learning.

We will introduce a more detailed plan to the CKWA community at the beginning of August. Please pay attention to our notice of information sharing. Our optimization design of online learning not only involves online learning but also normal education in school. We aim to ensure the connection between online and offline learning, and also ensure the consistency of CKWA education and teaching concepts.

Now, we can share with you several aspects of online learning optimization:

Optimizing the online learning system

Applying more effective online live courses and information platform
Applying Online and offline reading system optimization
Applying Individualized feedback with family participation
Strengthening English Subject

Increasing daily oral English practicing time

During the covid-19 epidemic period, we can realize that Education Breaue made decisions on schools based on the local school calendar. In order to avoid conflict and to cooperate with the Chinese government led epidemic prevention management, the school board and management team made the decision to adjust CKWA school calendar to be consistent with the local school’s calendar. With the uncertainty of the epidemic situation, if we need to adjust the next year school calendar again, we will communicate with CKWA family in time. The adjustment of the school calendar will not reduce our school days. For details, please refer to the special notice regarding the adjustment of CKWA school calendar.

Finally, I would like to share with you an excerpt from Harvard Business Review: “strategy is not used for what we’re going to do in the future, but for what we’re going to do now in order to bring advantage in the future.” The same is true of education. Preparation now is for the better future of our children.

Christine Xu
CKWA Executive Principal