Principal’s Weekly Message 2020-1-10



Dear Parents,

We have been pleased to welcome all of the children back this week for the final two weeks of Semester 1. Despite the short length of this period of term, there has been a strong sense of purposefulness this week as secondary pupils have completed their examinations in Science and Humanities, whilst primary pupils have taken Chinese, English and Maths exams. Of course, exams can feel daunting for children of any age, but the evidence is that an examination structure such as the one presented at CKWA is helpful in the long term in ensuring consistent progression, developing students’ confidence and building resilience. We hope that all of the children will feel a sense of achievement, as well as a sense of relief, when the process is complete and the Chinese New Year holiday can be enjoyed. We will be carrying out our own celebration of the New Year on Wednesday of next week when all of the children and staff will have the opportunity to attend our New Year Cultural Performance and our Chinese Temple Fair.


Whilst many will be enjoying the company of family during the holiday, a group of our secondary pupils will be visiting the UK for a study tour based at The Globe Theatre in London. The value to pupils from our exciting collaboration with The Globe is ever more evident and is another example of the unique benefits which a Kaiwen Education is able to offer. Not just those who are joining the trip but all of our pupils are having their English language and speech skills enhanced, by this deep engagement with the traditions of English literature and theatre. The study tour group will also visit Oxford and Cambridge Universities as well as having the chance to see the sights of London and the opportunity to spend a morning at City of London School, one of the UK’s leading Independent Schools and current holder of The Times London Independent School of the Year. We hope and expect that our students will have an excellent trip and we wish them safe travels.


When the school returns for Semester 2 it will consist of a larger student body than ever, as we welcome a number of new families to CKWA. It is exciting to see the school grow so quickly as our reputation grows. With the new arrivals we will be opening an additional Reception class and also restructuring some of our secondary classes so as to ensure that our class sizes remain small enough to ensure the individualized support which we consider such an important part of an outstanding education. Additionally, we will be opening a separate secondary school dining facility in the new semester, which will further raise the quality of our food provision. This welcome development will also allow the school to make valuable improvements to the school timetable. In particular, those in the secondary school will be able to eat lunch a little earlier in the day and to enjoy a better balance of lessons between the morning and afternoon. I and others will speak more about the improvements which we are making to the secondary school timetable at next Thursday’s meeting for secondary parents, which you will have received a separate invitation to attend. At the same time, changes in the new semester will allow us the opportunity to make further improvements to the primary school timetable with, in particular, a designated period in which all of the children can work on English reading and phonics at the start of every day.


I wish you all a very enjoyable Chinese New Year holiday and look forward to seeing all the children back with us at the start of February.


Yours Sincerely

Andrew Leale

Deputy Head at CKWA