Marbury, The Basketball Legend, Appeared At Mini “Olympic Games” Of CKWA








Based on the needs of the House, Kaiwen incorporates the school philosophy (courage, kindness, wisdom, adaptability)

into the design, and four logos symbolizing the four houses of Kaiwen Academy thus came into being. they are, respectively

Blue Dolphin, representing kindness

Red Lion, representing courage

Yellow Tiger, representing wisdom

White Panda, representing adaptability


They were made into T-shirts and displayed at the first Games of Kaiwen Academy.


Operation Director of Sports Department

Annie Tian

Speaking of House


The House system made its debut at this sports event.

The students was divided into four Houses, which was inspired by the school philosophy.

This system breaks the boundary of class, grade, age and gender,

creating more opportunities for students to compete in a healthy atmosphere as a team.

“Healthy Body , Healthy Mind.” is the spirit of Kaiwen sport.

We hope that children learn to win and learn to lose in sports;

learn to lead and learn to be led; learn to surpass their own limits and learn to be a member of the team;

learn when to fight and learn when to admit defeat;

these are the things we should learn for being a rightful person.





From organization to participation, each event is inseparable from the parents’ efforts.

More than 100 parents participated in the this Games. In the morning,

they wore volunteer uniform made by themselves and came to the spot bringing the materials prepared for the children.





Kaiwen Sport Department Head

Herve Guillotel

Speaking of the team


We are glad to see that more than 400 students,

100 teachers and 150 parents gathered together at the first Games of Kaiwen Academy.

Parent volunteers in green and pink uniforms provided services for the Games,

and the teachers tirelessly cheered for the small athletes.

Everyone aimed for only one goal: let every student smile. We made it!

The House system implemented for the first time allows children at different ages

and genders to unite and compete in an atmosphere full of love and friendship.

I believe that every student has made new friends at the Games.


100 meter hurdles—the flying players



The hockey relay race




Standing long jump





Carrying “eggs” with care







Javelin throw and target throw – aiming




The teachers cheered for the children with flags and shouts.



Each student of Kaiwen planted the spirit of demoiselle to every corner of the campus through his efforts and actions.

Kathy, G2A’s teacher, said: “Children are young, but they are enthusiastic, active, motivated, and hardworking.

They enjoy every game and perfectly reflect the spirit of demoiselle.”


Seriously playing each game without any careless.



Fun relay race




Right, I believe you have been eagerly attracted by the headline. Marbury is really coming!!!

At 11:00 in the morning, the Games was going on in full swing.

The mysterious hotshot Marbury appeared at the entrance of  CKWA.

The sports star has no any idol burden. Marbury played basketball while making faces at children.



Former Beijing Men’s Basketball Player

Former American Professional Basketball Player


Speaking of the future


Let’s take a look at what advices this basketball legend gave the students when he came to Kaiwen.

At the Games draw to a close, Marbury excitedly declared at the awards ceremony,

that he was eager to convey his life experience and persistent beliefs to the children of Kaiwen.

“Everyone has their own life path. Everyone’s life is like a wonderful movie.

Whether the movie ends with cheering or frustration depends on our dreams and actions.”

“You are so young and strong.

You should think about the future from now on and decide your own future path.

No one can stop you except yourself.

Even the world can’t change a person with strong will.”

“Don’t let anyone control your thoughts.

You should listen to other’s opinions, especially those positive and optimistic ones,

learn to block negative information,

and finally make your own decisions and take responsibility for the results from your decisions.”



The Tiger won the final victory of the Games, congratulate the Tiger!





President Of The International Olympic Committee

Pierre De Coubertin

Speaking of sports spirit


Let us put an end to this sport event with Coubertin’s powerful saying.

“Participation is more important than winning.

This is the essence of Olympic sports thought.

For life, the important thing is not the triumph but the fighting.

We participate in sports to create a more robust human being,

so that human beings are more rigorous and prudent, brave and noble.

The sport is not simply fighting for the laurels and gold medals.”

We would like to say to the students of Kaiwen who participated in the Games,

especially those who did not won prizes: a few years, even a few days later,

what stays in your memory about the Games will not be the frustration of failure,

but the happy and fruitful friendship of cooperation.



Happy National day!

The Games ended in a wave of joy.

The National Day holiday starts.

On the beautiful and crisp autumn day,

Kaiwen wishes parents, teachers and students:

Happy National day! See you after the holiday!