Healthy and Balanced Diet
Diet is a very important part of campus life. Healthy and safe food can relax students’ bodies and minds, relieve stress from intense learning, replenish the energy and nutritions that the body needs, and reenergize students so that they can thrive and learn happily.
With the goal of providing safe, fresh, and nutritious food, cafeterias at Kaiwen Academy (Chaoyang) pay attention to every dining detail to offer students top-level catering services:
• Safety: We have hired an industry-leading management team and a friendly, efficient service team. The cafeterias are equipped with ergonomic dining tables and chairs, as well as safe, exquisite, and elegant Chinese and Western tableware. We fully supervise and control the food supply chain and the tableware cleaning process. Our food materials and ingredients are directly from farms and ranches.
• Freshness: We use the most scientific transportation and storage methods to fully retain the vitamins in vegetables and the protein in meats, to ensure food safety and a fresh taste.
• Nutritiousness: Our top professional nutritionists and chefs with five-star hotel experience prepare Chinese and Western cuisines alternatively to let students taste delicacies from different countries and cultures. Plus, extra fruit, desserts, yogurt, and other snacks are offered separately in the mornings and afternoons to achieve a balanced nutrition ratio—protein, 35%; carbohydrates, 30%; fiber and vitamins, 25%; and the remaining nutrients, 10%.
We also provide customized catering services for students who have special needs for food due to allergies, religious believes, medical dietary requirements, or other reasons.
Note: The school will post next week’s menu in detail on its official website every Friday during the school days.
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