Allocated by grades, our teaching model aspires to enable students to comprehensively develop a breadth and depth of knowledge, thinking and language skills

Language is a tool for communication and for thinking. Mastering two languages enriches the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively and to think clearly and logically. Different teaching strategies are adopted at each grade level based on the key stages of students' cognitive development to achieve the ability to accurately communicate and think in both languages.


Pre-school courses are offered according to PYP’s competency requirements.

● Bilingual environment for language preparation
● Enrich the curriculum and activities, fully develop the children’s abilities for activities and learning, and prepare them for formal school education

Elementary School

Teach a national curriculum with situational English lays a solid foundation.

● In addition to words and expressions, Chinese teaching also emphasizes reading classic works, literature appreciation, and writing skills.
● English is taught by foreign teachers, thereby expanding students' depth of knowledge and scope of their thinking, cultivating their English language intuition, and accumulating vocabulary in various fields.

Middle School

Achieving knowledge with integrity and an ability to smoothly transition between the mother tongue and English are desired goals.

● Chinese and foreign teachers collaborate to teach subjects and determine teaching strategies and progress that are based on instructional content.
● Students‘ knowledge and ability in English and their flexibility to transfer between Chinese and English cognitive models enable them to move seamlessly across cultures.

High School

English immersion teaching comprehensively develops the ability of students to think in English and communicate effectively on both oral and written forms.

● Subjects adopt an English immersion method that comprehensively develops the ability to use English as well as think in the language.
● Chinese courses emphasize critical reading, appreciation and literary criticism, that are deeply-rooted in Chinese culture, with a goal of establishing a positive outlook on worldviews and values similar and different from their own.