Dr. Bob Stephenson, formerly a lower master at Eton College, joined Beijing Chaoyang KaiWen Academy as Chairman of Council

Dr. Bob Stephenson, formerly a lower master at Eton College, joined Kaiwen Education Group in August 2017. Dr. Stephenson is a highly respectable educator with excellent leadership skills and a vast experience in school management. We are very excited to welcome Dr. Stephenson onto the CKWA management team, and we are sure he will bring new motivational energy with a dedicated approach.

Dr. Stephenson got his B.Sc. in Biology 1st Class Honors and Ph.D. from University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton. He first joined Eton in 1983, and throughout the following 34 years, he has acted as Head of Biology, Head of Science, House Master, Senior Tutor and Lower Master. He has gained the love, respect and appreciation from all the students, colleagues and parents for his dedicated work and professional approach through his Eton career.

Throughout his career he has upheld the principles of “individualized education” and fairness towards each individual student, guiding them constructively and paying full attention to their mental well-being which led to him setting up a psychological support center at Eton, one of Dr. Stephenson’s great career achievements. He created Eton schools policy from scratch, bringing a unified approach to the school structure, as well as devising a unique cognitive admissions test complimented with a new admission system also introduced by Dr. Stephenson.

The president of Eton, Simon Henderson was quoted in the farewell letter that Dr. Stephenson was “a truly outstanding Lower Master”, and former Eton president Eric Anderson was quoted: “For a headmaster, he was a real asset, innovative within his department and well-liked by the pupils who were inspired by his dedication to the subject and the desire to improve them in the field.”

Looking back at his 34 years at Eton, Dr. Stephenson was quoted saying:” Why would I want to spend the rest of my career acting as a cushion?” An energizing approach by a man with such a thriving experience in education, as we should be able to discuss the things we do not understand, rather than simply go through the motions.

Kaiwen Education welcomes Dr. Stephenson with 34 years of experience, more so his love and dedication for his students and their academic improvement. “As I move from Eton to a new and exciting field in China, my philosophy will remain the same: If we back the youth, we simply cannot fail.”

Please welcome Dr. Bob Stephenson.