Art Exhibition for Teacher’s Day


Teachers’ Day





This week, Kaiwen AIP students held an art exhibition at Kaiwen Academy Chaoyang Campus as an offer to Teacher’s Day.


In this activity, we extended the definition of “teacher” and focused our attention on the school workers who have been obscured for a long time – security guards, cleaners, Dining Hall staff, etc. are all our concerns, from a broader perspective to interpret the deeper meaning of the Teacher’s Day.


The original meaning of “Education for All Without Discrimination” means that every one can be educated; it also means that people can eliminate differences through education.


However, this time the ” Education for All Without Discrimination ” refers to, regardless of occupations and work categories, and all those who give us help in life are “good teachers”, and their efforts are equally worthy of recognition and appreciation.





Photo by Zhang Jiaxu

This work represents the school’s security guard.

“There are always some photos that make memories and reality coincides.”

This work is based on the theme of “recall”,

and the old photos are used to recall people or things that have been overlooked.

“Those who are obscured may be the ones you can’t lose.

The ‘teacher’ is always by your side, some give you knowledge,

some integrate into your life, some teach you rules, and some just pass by.”



Photo by Sun Hanbo

The work for the Teacher’s Day is presented in the form of photography.

The characters are Terence who provides technical support for various activities of the school.

I used photography to record his working process of carefully arranging the sounds for the parents meeting,

by which reflected the teacher’s state of rigorous input into work.




Produced by Su Qidi

This is a collage targeted at the security guards of the school.

I used thirty-six different photos to make this picture, they patiently provide us the courier service.

The main color of this collage is dark, expressing the hard work of the security guards.

At the same time, there are some bright colors in the dark tone, which symbolizes the smile of the guards.

The whole painting gives a messy feeling,

symbolizing the complex emotions that arise during the process of contact with each other.




Photo by Eileen

The object in my photo is the school librarian.

The attraction of black and white photography is that there are no specific constraints.

The lack of color will inspire my infinite imagination to break some conventional rules of photography.

When shooting, I pay more attention to the three-dimensional sense of the light effect,

highlighting the image of the character.



Mrs. Roveglia, By Yang Yaze

Mrs.Roveglia only spent a short time with me for a selective course.

I was impressed by her enthusiasm, vigor and knowledge; her amiability,

remoteness and mystery were inexplicably attractive to me.

So I used toner to describe her figure: fresh, lovely and hazy.

It did no exert strength when it is colored, in order to preserve the light and rustle feeling of the toner.

The tan hair, pale pink sleeveless shirt and light gray eyes reflect her purity and stability.

I hope those who see this painting can feel my concern and love for the teacher.





Painting by Li Xinran

On the way to the physical education class, I happened to meet the foreign teacher in the elevator.

His blond hair and blue eyes shocked me. His hair is bright; his eyes are like the galaxy in the universe.

Because the yellow hair and the blue eyes left me the deepest impression,

the whole painting only used yellow and blue colors for contrast;

I used Cubism to reflect his robust figure.

Because we only met for seconds, the abstract method can express the teacher’s appearance in my memory.




Painting by Luo Rui

I painted a worker of Dining Hall at Kaiwen in an abstract way.

His appearance is drawn with geometric figures and some lines,

and the neck is surrounded by a work card, which represents his identity;

the pos machine is often seen in the Dining Hall where is the place he works.




Photo by Zhang Beiyu

The white clouds are dedicated to the blue sky,

and the blue sky has a grateful heart, it gives the clear sky to the people;

the leaves are dedicated to the big trees, and the trees have a grateful heart, which give the shade to the earth.

We are all ordinary people, but there is always someone in our life who teaches us how to behave.

This photographic work is targeted at a science teacher at the school.

I shot the most common movements of the teacher on campus,

letting the audience know that the benefits we get from teacher is immeasurable.




Painting by Zheng Wendi

This is the security guard at the school gate.

The main purpose of the work is to thank them for their safety management.

They stand at the school gate every day, to keep outsiders entering, so as to ensure that we can live and study at ease.

So I used my own skill to express my gratitude for this.



Photo by Feng Yumeng

I photographed the teachers and students in the kindergarten,

mainly the snapshots of their daily school life, showing the moment when students get along with the teacher.

Perhaps because of they take care of a group of cute children, these teachers are also cute and gentle.




Painting by Han Siyuan

This is a female worker in Dining Hall.

“Your position is very ordinary, but the ordinary position contains extraordinariness.

Although you can’t give us the book knowledge, it gives us health and let us feel the warmth of the family at school.”

I finished the painting with line drawing and watercolor.,

black represents simplicity, and color is the radiance of simplicity.

Whether it is the teacher or workers who pays for us in the school, it is worthy of gratitude.

My painting is dedicated to the you, thank you for your hard work, I wish you a happy holiday!



Through multiple dimensions,

The Students use artistic methods,

feeling and analysis

capture and dig these lovely people.

They are the teachers

who teach professional knowledge in the classroom;

the security guards who stand outside the classroom

in the cold and heat;

the cleaner who take away the dust and leave the cleansing of the pure land;

they silently take care of the students for a short and beautiful time.

Time flies.

These ordinary person accompanying the growth of students

Thank you for your hard work!

Happy Teacher’s Day!