A Review of the 2018 Fall/Winter Performance Season – The Heartwarming and Touching Moments Brought by Talented Kaiwen Students


Two highlights for me have been the Fall Concert and the Drama Assemblies. Seeing children on stage, performing in front of an audience is a reminder of why the Arts are so important. Not only is it an opportunity for children to gain confidence in public performance, but also it allows us to communicate important messages, such as communication and listening skills.

-Martin George, headmaster of Beijing Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy


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I am a stage star.

ASA Drama

At the drama class, students were busy choosing the costumes, props and background music that best suited their role and discussed their labor division in the act, while we teachers observed aside as they demonstrated their ability of critical thinking and problem solving. Then we organized the students to watch the video clip of their rehearsal, which allowed them to reconsider and reflect on their performance. The job was already half done when they started to adopt the perspective of “role play.”

Communication and expression are the foundation for drama teaching. By acting in a drama play, students will learn how to communicate and accurately deliver their message.


Drama play staged by students of senior years

Mr. Florez has helped direct drama plays for students of different grades since the beginning of the semester, including the pantomime for the sixth graders, the folklore play for the seventh graders, the father-son story for the eighth graders, the Romeo and Juliet act for the ninth graders, and the guiding performance for the 10th graders. With a wondering heart, each student showed how talented and versatile he/she was throughout the production of the play, including screenwriting, performance, video production and recording, etc. Both the stories on stage and behind the scene were for and by the students. Finally the fruit of all the hard work in this semester has taken the stage in the past few days.


Owner Teacher 

Omar Florez 

Aladdin and Magic Lamp

Director – Harry Li

Narrator – Mr. Florez

Aladdin –  Harry Li

Aladdin – Aaron Shi 

Aballa – Thomas Zhang

Mother – Sunny Cao

Princess – Charlie Sun


Don’t Wake the Mummy 

Director – Sophia Wilkinson

Narrator – Sophia Wilkinson

Selena – Tina Zhang

Amy Alice Gong

Mrs. Crabwalk – Angela Zheng

Tour Guide – Olivia Han


The Emperor’s New Clothes

Director – Sophia Li

Narrator – Mr. Lee

Emperor – Sophia Li

Bartholomew – Chloe Yang

Ivan – Cindy Chen

Sven – Olivia Zheng

Miller’s Wife – Bella Xue


Video Projection – Angel Xu 

Lighting – Sophia Wilkinson

Guest Presenters:

Davis Cui

Maria Zheng

Anton Wang

Amy Chen 

Evan Wang

House Drama Competition

The students were divided into four teams: Courage, Love, Wisdom and Adaptability to compete for the best actor prize under the guidance of Mr. Florez. The first step to acting is to let go of your inner self. When you can infect the audience with your feelings through your speech and body language, and fully engage them in emotional interaction, be it joy, anger or sorrow, the competition results will pale into insignificance; what matters the most is that you have captured and touched the heart of the audience.

Stage play by the first graders

The Snow White, the Ugly Duckling, and the Three Little Pigs… these cartoon characters are joyful companions for numerous children. With their virtuous qualities, they also help shape the moral character of children. Young as they are, the students have learnt to appreciate the joy and value of helping each other by acting together.

Finally the children’s hard work crystalized on the stage. The stage play became a special class about how to communicate efficiently. From every expression and every emotional burst of the little performers, we can see the beauty of drama and come to appreciate the necessity of drama class. We will increase input into our drama teaching and present to you more brilliant stage performances.


I’m a singing star.

Fall Concert

Tonight the theater of Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy was turned into an ocean of music. It presented an extraordinary music feast to the audience and amazed them with the beautiful singing voice of children, accompanied by the either soothing or passionate melody and rhythm of piano, viola, clarinet, ukulele, guitar and African drums.

In addition, music teacher Burns allowed the little artists to play the music as they liked it. A senior-year boy performed “Alone” on Launchpad which glittered with dazzling colored light under his flexible, powerful fingertips.

Teacher Burns surprised the audience by guest starring the musical of Super Mario Brothers with the students. As they jumped onto stage when the familiar music kicked off, they caused quite a stir among the audience who were now on their feet, loosening their body to follow the moves of Mario on the stage.

A big fan who didn’t waste time drying her hair because she didn’t want to miss the show

Owner Teacher 

Daren Burns

“Kite Song放风筝” – Liu Yi Min

Anna Wu

Humoresque – Antonin Dvorak

Serena Zhang, viola

Cathy Li, piano 

“Alone” – Marshmello

Michael Wu, Launchpad


My Soul – July

Nemo Chen, piano


People Like Me – Maobyi

Kevin Yin, vocal


Under Mt. Fuji/Love Change – Eason Chan

David Gao, vocal


Kenny Gong, guitar and vocal – Pachelbels Canon in ‘D’ – Johann Pachelbel

   Let Her Go – Passenger


PYP Upper Elementary Ensemble

“Rolling in the Deep” – Adele

“Roar” – Katy Perry

“We will Rock you” – Queen


Advanced Music Ensemble

Coralline Chen – clarinet, Kevin Wang – clarinet, Serena Zhang – viola, Sophie Sun – ukulele, Kenny Gong – guitar, Brandon Peter – guitar, Livan Xu – guitar, Michael Wu – keyboards, Cathy Li – piano, Jonny Liu – drums


Air on the “G” String – Johann Sebastian Bach

Innocent from Castle in the Sky – Joe Hisaishi

Super Mario Brothers (overworld and underworld theme) – Koji Kondo

We will organize more wonderful activities in the upcoming 2019 spring semester. Enjoy your holiday.