Dear Parents,



CKWA e-learning continues to be carried out in an orderly manner during the epidemic. As the one and only school that launched e-learning on the originally planned school opening day and has been teaching new learning content, CKWA would like to emphasize our gratitude to the efforts of all teachers and the cooperation of all parents!



Further to the Beijing authorities confirming the school opening days for G12 and G9, CKWA now confirms that May 11th will be the school opening day for our G12 and G9 students. We believe that the school opening day for all other grades will be confirmed soon. Once we receive further information, we will inform you immediately to ensure that you and our children have time to prepare thoroughly for the school reopening.



Smooth communication is critical to allowing families and the school to support each other. Dear parents, please pay attention to the recent communication from the school.



  1. 关于学费,如疫情前期学校和家委会的联合答疑,学校支持所有的凯文家庭共度难关:学校承诺新学年不会涨学费;学校将继续提供优惠的多子女学费折扣;学校将在学校全面复课后启动收费;学校将继续设置新学年早鸟费折扣/全额缴费的减免优惠;学校将对餐费、校车费和住宿费进行统计和计算,计入凯文家庭下学年的费用或尊重家庭的意愿进行退费。


About tuition: As we stated in the prior Q&A document, the school supports all Kaiwen families to pull through the difficulties. The school promises that we will not raise the tuition fee for next academic year. The school will continue to offer tuition discount to families who have more than one child studying at CKWA. The school will only start the fee collection after the school fully reopens. The school will continue to offer the early bird discount/full payment discount in the payment for the new academic year. The school will collect statistics and make a calculation of the meal fee, school bus fee and boarding fee. We will convert the remaining credit into the payment for next school year or refund to some families as they prefer.


  1. 关于教学进度:由于自启动线上学习开始,朝阳凯文就一直在进行新授,所以,我们很有信心并确任在原定的校历日期下完成所有的课程的教学内容。


About learning progress: As CKWA has been teaching new content since the beginning of e-learning, we are very confident that we will accomplish all teaching content of all courses as planned based on the original school calendar.



  1. 关于补课:虽然北京官方确认了周末和暑期不补课,但朝阳凯文将继续之前的承诺:在开学后调整每周四节的ASA时间用于夯实核心学科的学习;在周六提供免费的、自选的凯文特色课程;在暑期提供两轮,每轮两周的免费的、自选的增益课程,丰富学生的中英文阅读和写作,以及运动与艺术的学习。在此,我们要求每个家庭配合我们点击链接完成以下关于补课的问卷,我们将根据问卷,启动周六凯文特色课程和暑期凯文增益课程的设计工作。



About class make-up: Although Beijing authorities have confirmed that there will be no class make-up at weekends and during the summer holiday, CKWA will continue to fulfill the prior promises made. We will use the four ASA periods each week to consolidate the core module of study. We will provide free and voluntary Kaiwen Feature Program sessions on Saturdays. During the summer break, we will provide two rounds of two-week enrichment programs free of charge, to strengthen the reading, writing, sports and arts skills of our students. We would like to hereby ask you to cooperate with us by clicking the link and filling in the class make-up survey. Based on the survey result, we will start to design the Saturday Kaiwen Feature Program and the summer Kaiwen Enrichment Program.



  1. 4月14日和15日两天,学校继续安排凯文家庭无接触领取国家课程的课本。在此,感谢大部分凯文家庭配合学校在4月2日和3日领取了国家课程的课本。


On April 14th and 15th, we have continued to arrange for families to pick up CNC textbooks from the school in a non-contact way. We would like to pay special gratitude to the families who picked up their textbooks on April 2nd and 3rd.


  1. 4月15日,未返京的凯文家庭会收到学校的来信,我们建议未返京的家庭开始计划返京的行程,以满足返京后14天的隔离规定,确保一旦学校五月份开学,所有的家庭可以安全、健康地开学。


On April 15th, Kaiwen families who haven’t returned to Beijing will receive a letter from the school. We suggest these families start making plans to return to Beijing so that they can finish the 14-day quarantine before the school reopens. In this way, all students can attend the school safely and healthily once the school restarts in May.


  1. 4月16日,小学部的凯文家庭将收到办公室和班主任的重要沟通。为了配合教委在疫情中的频繁的学生和家庭的信息统计工作,学校Power School的信息系统将开放给所有的小学家庭,请每个家庭自助完善信息,这个信息系统的完善将帮助学生完成来自官方的各项信息统计工作,避免我们的老师不断地向您收取信息。此项工作,中学部的家庭已经在学年初支持学校填写过一次。


On April 16th, CKWA primary families will receive an important communication from the school office and homeroom teachers. To allow us to respond to the frequent student and family information collection work requested by the education bureau, the school will give all primary families access of PowerSchool so that they can fill-in the required data. We would kindly ask all primary families to fill in your personal information, as this will help us to accomplish the information collection work for various organizations and save our teachers from asking you information repeatedly. The secondary families have already filled in their information at the beginning of the school year.


  1. 4月22日,所有的凯文家庭将收到学校的进展报告,了解老师们对学生9周的线上学习的评估。


On April 22nd, all Kaiwen families will receive progress reports from the school, which reflects teachers’ appraisal of our students for the past 9-week of e-learning.


  1. 4月21日晚间7.30-8.30,面向家长的凯文幸福课将在每周二晚上继续与您相约,从4月21日开始,连续四个周二,徐涛校长将引领四期的主题为“如何在生活中培养孩子的思考力”的幸福课,欢迎家长们的积极参与和学习。


From 7.30 to 8.30pm on April 21st, CKWA well-being classes for parents will continue to be launched every Tuesday night. For 4 consecutive Tuesdays from April 21st, principal Christine Xu will be leading the topic How to foster the thinking skills of children in life. You are more than welcome to attend.


  1. 五一假期,学校将按照校历正常进行,假期是5月1-3日(周五/六/日),学校将不进行周六和周日的倒休来连休五天假期。


For the Labour Day holiday, the school will act in accordance with the originally scheduled school calendar. The holiday will be from May 1st to May 3rd (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The school will not exchange working days and holidays to make a five-day holiday.





We look forward to the school reopening and the return of our Grade 9 and Grade 12 students on May 11th. We believe that the date for the full reopening of the school will be confirmed soon. The school will spare no efforts in our preparation of the school for reopening, with the best possible epidemic prevention measures to ensure that all Kaiwen students can study and live in a healthy and safe environment.




Christine Xu

北京朝阳凯文学校 执行校长