华春莹点赞冰球小将,凯文学子实力筑梦奥运 Kaiwen Family


编者按:大年初五,由北京市人民政府新闻办公室精心策划推出的《我在北京过春节 | 冰球小子球球:冬奥倒计时,打冰球过春节》,赢得了外交部发言人华春莹女士的注意。华春莹女士赞赏嘉熙(球球)对冰雪运动的热爱,年仅8岁已练球四年,用自己的真诚和执着来迎接北京冬奥会。孩子对冰球的热爱,离不开父母的支持与陪伴。让我们一同走进这个家庭,了解孩子冰球赛事背后的感人瞬间,了解冬奥与梦想的力量如何推动着孩子的成长。

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Editor’s note: On the fifth day of the lunar new year, released by the press officer of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the video, “Celebrate the Spring Festival in Beijing | Ice Hockey Boy Qiuqiu”, attract the attention of the foreign ministry spokesman Chunying Hua. Ms. Hua praised David (Qiuqiu) for his love of ice and snow sports. At the age of 8, he has been practicing ice hockey for four years and welcomed the Beijing Winter Olympic Games with his sincerity and persistence. A child’s love for hockey cannot be separated from the support and company of his parents. Let’s walk into this family and learn about the moving moments behind hockey games, and explore how the Winter Olympics and the power of dreams drive a child’s growth.









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The video interview with David is fantastic. Could you please share the stories behind the scene?

The opportunity for this interview comes from an old media friend. Against the background of the Beijing Winter Olympics, he has been paying attention to the development of children’s hockey training. Since David was 6 years old, he has been following his training and competition, and made some works with different styles and uses based on these materials.We are also honored to be able to participate in the publicity video recording of CIPG. The purpose of this series of short films is to show how ordinary people like us, in the context of the COVID-19, can not only continue the traditional celebration during the Spring Festival, but also cooperate with the fight against the virus. Although the global situation is still grim, the Chinese people are still optimistic, positive and peaceful.

The aesthetic of the whole film is also very heartful. David’s part conveys the message of Chinese children’s expectations and support for the Winter Olympics under the epidemic. The content was the most normal hockey practice. There was no artificiality, and over-processing, it was very plain. Therefore, from the perspective of parents, it is very educational for children to participate in the recording of video from the perspective of parents. As a young athlete, he should not only pursue competitive achievements, but also shoulder certain social responsibilities, he should be a positive role model. It is a very good experience for him. 

It is a coincidence that our Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying also retweeted David’s video on Twitter. This really surprised us. We could fully feel the love and expectation of China on snow and ice sports in the tweet. The video also reflected the yearning and love of Chinese ice babies for snow and ice sports! We think the reason why  David is chosen as the little spokesperson of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in this period is that the sincerity and persistence shown by David in the film moved Hua Chunying. She also hopes that such an innocent and positive image of a teenager can move more foreign friends and spread the positive energy from China to the world.







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Hockey is a sport that requires high physical quality and skill. Why did you let your child choose to play hockey? What are your concerns as a parent?  

David has been a very warm boy since childhood. Although he is tall and strong, his heart is very soft and delicate. The child is obedient but lacks autonomy, inevitably, we had some worries that his confidence, independence and communication skills will be missing. We believe that general preaching and family guidance would put too much pressure on him and maybe counterproductive. So we decided to help him build his character through some of his favorite sports, allowing him to find himself and build confidence in a proactive environment.

So when David was four and a half years old, we chose several sports to take him to experience one by one, and ice hockey was one of them. I still remember the first time we visited the ice rink for training. My whole family was immediately attracted by the training atmosphere full of courage, wisdom, speed and passion in the ice rink, especially little David. He looked at the little brother on the ice. High-speed sliding, fierce collision, powerful shot, all of these show strong attractive force to him, he just stood outside the wall motionless, and his eyes were fixed in the training team members. Having been so cautious, he still took the initiative to ask for an ice-class, and eager to rush on the ice immediately. When I saw him like this, and I know he already gave himself to the ice.

Sure enough, after several trial lessons, little David still decided to accept the challenge and learn ice hockey, although there are some small frustrations in the middle, It was a man’s choice and we are delighted with his tenacity and perseverance. Besides, hockey is a sport that emphasizes teamwork and individual skills. We also hope that children can have a team life with mutual trust, mutual assistance and cooperation from an early age. Based on his strong desire to participate, and the characteristics of this sport are consistent with our needs for the development of physique, character and personality, our whole family agreed to let David participate in ice hockey.



可以说 ,冰球运动让我的孩子受益无穷。首先就是专注力的提高,因为冰球训练和比赛需要运动员的注意力高度集中,精神高度紧张,所以他在最初期的冰球学习阶段,就养成了注意力集中的习惯,认真倾听,快速反应,高效实施。后来我们发现,除了在冰上他会有这些表现以外,在学校的课堂学习中,他的专注力和学习效率在同龄人中也是很高的。另外,冰球项目要求运动员们成为勇敢坚韧的人,不怕吃苦,不断挑战自己,超越自己,尊重对手,包容同伴,团队利益和荣誉大于一切……这些品质深深地融入了孩子的心灵,影响着他在学习生活中的一言一行。

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How have kids grown during these years of hockey training? In the future, in your opinion, how does hockey help your child in school life?

It’s fair to say that hockey has benefited my kids a lot. The first is the improvement of concentration. Because hockey training and competition require athletes to be highly focused and mentally nervous, he developed the habit of concentration, listening carefully, responding quickly and implementing efficiently in the early stage of hockey learning.

Later, we found out that in addition to his performance on the ice, his concentration and learning efficiency were also very high among his peers in the classroom. Besides, ice hockey requires players to be brave and tenacious, not afraid of hardship, constantly challenge themselves and surpass themselves, respect their opponents, tolerate their peers, and put team interests and honor above everything else… These qualities are deeply integrated into his mind and influence his words and deeds in his study and life.




第二个故事则是一次我和他关于团队的对话,让我感动至今。在 2019-2020年度的北京市青少年冰球联赛中,那也是他是第一年回归凯文蓑羽鹤俱乐部 ,作为U7A队的一员参加训练。当时我们的球队组队比较晚,所有球员正式入队合训的时间不到两个月,因此在联赛期间,凯文队在赛场上的技战术水平与其他老牌强队之间还是有差距的。在当时的形势下,作为家长,我们多少会为嘉熙回归蓑羽鹤球队的决定产生一些质疑和迷茫。后来我也把这些担心之处拿来和孩子进行讨论,让他考虑一下是不是可以在赛季结束后,更换一支更强的球队,继续冰球训练。虽然孩子当时才还刚上二年级,想法比较单纯,并且不善言辞,但是当他听完我的顾虑和打算后,特别坚定地对我说:“妈妈,我觉得你太着急了,我们才组队两个多月,大家还没有更多的时间训练熟悉呢。你这样让我走了,对我们太不公平,你得给我们时间练习呀,多练练不就变强了!我们不是蓑羽鹤吗,只要坚持,再小也能飞过珠穆朗玛峰!”听到孩子的这番话,我的眼泪当时就落了下来,真是让孩子给我上了一课。面对单纯执着的孩子,我也为自己心里的患得患失,急功近利感到惭愧。所以我也坦诚地和他讲:“儿子谢谢你,今天你做了我的老师。这件事,我错了,我尊重你的选择,咱们接下来要一起努力!”

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Can you share some of your most impressive stories about the practice and game of hockey?

We have two stories to share with you. The first story happened in Chengdu, which is the first time to participate in the sixth Bingyue ice hockey invitational tournament as a member of the Kaiwen ice hockey team. During the five days of the game, Kaiwen’s family and coach were so enthusiastic that David and I quickly integrated into the Kaiwen Hockey team and became a member of it. We also felt very lucky. David performs very excellent and won the trust and love of old players. Especially in the final game, we need to play the home team out on penalties, there were about four or five hundred people outside the stadium, and the atmosphere was very tense. The two players from both sides lost one penalty and got one point each. David, as our third penalty taker, was under great pressure because if we lost a point, we would have lost the championship. I still remember that he was on the field with nervous tears, his mother was more nervous, after encouraging his child, she hid in the rest area and dare not face the field…… As a result, David, only 7 years old, kept his composure and gave full play to his shooting skills to score the crucial penalty. Then the excellent goalkeeper, David’s good friend, Zhu Qizhongen, also brilliantly saved the third penalty! Little demoiselle Crane U8 of Kaiwen wins! There was a buzz inside and outside the stadium, players, coaches, parents all cheered excitedly. This is the first championship of the Kaiwen Demoiselle Crane Club at the Invitational Tournament and the first championship of David’s. It’s very significant! Since then, David and Kaiwen ice hockey club formed an indissoluble bond. 

The second story is a talk between me and him about the team, which has moved me to this day. It was also the first year he returned to the Kaiwen Demoiselle Crane club as a member of the U7A team in the 2019-2020 Beijing Youth Hockey League. At that time, our team was formed relatively late, and all the players had officially joined the team for less than two months. Therefore, there was still a gap between the technical and tactical levels of the Kaiwen team and other established teams in the league. At that time, as parents, we would have some doubts and confusion about David’s decision to return to the Demoiselle Crane club. I talked about these concerns with him and asked him to consider whether he wants to do his hockey training in a stronger team after the season ended. Although my child was just in the second grade at that time, he was naive and not so talkative, but after hearing my concerns and plans, he said to me firmly, “Mom, I think you are too anxious. We have only been on the team for more than two months, and we haven’t had more time to practice and get familiar with each other. It’s unfair to us to let me go like this. You have to give us time to practice. We’ll get stronger. Aren’t we Demoiselle Cranes? If we stick to it, even a small crane can fly over Mount Everest!” Hearing the child’s words, my tears fell at that time, he gave me a good lesson. In the face of simple and persistent children, I feel ashamed for my hesitation and vanity. So I also honestly said to him: “son, thank you, today you are my teacher. I was wrong in this matter, I respect your choice, we will work together!”






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Why did David choose to study in CKWA? Could you please share your reasons with us?

My family was torn between public and private education, and we finally chose to educate our children in private schools, because private schools do it better in building character, respecting personal development, and making lifelong learners.

In the beginning, the reason to choose CKWA is the recommendation of trusted parents and students. After visiting CKWA, we found that it has the best facilities in science, sports and art in China. We were shocked because we had never seen a school that had built such a good environment before it was officially opened. We believe that this investment reflects a return to the original aspiration of education. In terms of soft strength, CKWA focuses on the holistic education of morality intelligence physique and aesthetics, and helps students develop comprehensively in learning, character and team spirit with scientific innovation, art and sports, which is also in line with our family education.

The school also pays great attention to the physical and mental health of the child, and respects the development of the child’s personality. Advocate happy growth, mutual learning, and become lifelong learners. It is totally different from the criticized educational atmosphere at present, which only focuses on scores and studies extremely difficult knowledge, which will destroy children’s physical and mental health and active interest in learning. It is our parents’ first choice to send children to a school that meets their educational expectations. Besides, CKWA is supported by good facilities, an excellent team of teachers, and high-quality education supplement of Kaiwen sports and Kaiwen art, it is absolutely the most reassuring choice for us to send our children to CKWA.





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What have the children learned in CKWA? What do you expect of the school in the future?

Through the three years of study, the facts have proved that our choice is correct. To study hockey, his daily homework and training task is very heavy, but he is always full of spirit, with good management of time, he still kept good grades regardless of the shortage of time in study. On the contrary, he was able to deal with study with higher efficiency and a more rigorous attitude, and brought the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie developed in the hockey team into the class. His deeds demonstrate CKWA’s education philosophy that uses sports, art, science and innovation to drive students’ hollistic development. In addition to ice hockey training, he also learned swimming, soccer, baseball and tennis by taking advantage of the school’s curriculum and high-quality resources. Through the in-depth learning of these sports, he became more self-disciplined, more confident, and trained his psychological quality in the face of success and failure. He also had more partners.

So far, we can say that the educational feedback our children receive at CKWA is basically equal to what we expected. As parents, we feel very satisfied and lucky. The history of CKWA is not so long, but I believe that our school will be more perfect after some adjustments! For the future, I hope our school can attract more excellent teachers to join us, develop and introduce a high-quality curriculum, provide a better learning environment and university guidance for children, and attract more students with a strong ability to join CKWA.



今年嘉熙为自己设定的目标是入选北京市冰球队U10组别。为此我们俱乐部的Mike教练已经带着他努力了一段时间,进一步加强冰上的技能、体能训练。他为了让自己的动作更敏捷 ,速度更快,一直在积极减肥,效果显著。作为家长,我们确实还挺佩服这个小家伙的!所以,就祝他心想事成吧,即使这次不能成功,也希望他能再接再厉,勇攀高峰。


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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is approaching. What are your plans with your children?

This year, David has set himself a goal of being selected for the Beijing hockey U10 team. For this reason, coach Mike at our club has been working hard with him for some time, to further strengthen his skills on the ice and enhance physical fitness. To make his movements more agile and faster, he has been losing weight actively, the results are remarkable. As parents, we really admire this little guy! So, let’s wish him to succeed. Even if he doesn’t succeed this time, I hope he can make persistent efforts and scale new heights.

The Winter Olympics is coming, David recently participated in the video recording of Beijing TV for the Winter Olympics, to do a meager force for the success of the Winter Olympics! I believe he will live up to his mission, keep his original aspiration, continue his earnest training and strive to improve his technical level. With the help of coaches, teammates, teachers and classmates, I hope he can add luster to Demoiselle Crane Hockey Club and CKWA with his love of hockey! We believe that it is also the best reward he has given to all those who have supported him.

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